The Daylight Design System is D2L's living design language that unites all of our products across devices and market segments to ensure a consistent user experience at scale. It is built on three main pillars: to be simple, be friendly, and be engaging.


Design system exploration


Contributing Product Designer
for the UI Platform team


9+ Months
April 2023 - January 2024

Beginning in 2023 through 2024, I became a part-time contributor to the Daylight Design System and UI Platform team alongside several full-time projects, where I had the opportunity to push the boundaries of our in-house design system to align with cross-functional use cases for both Brightspace (a Learning Management System, think Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, etc) and Wave (an online Professional Development platform where employees can upskill).

In addition to component-building, I spearheaded and consolidated previous work done to formalize our accessible data visualization guidelines, which act as the single source of truth for all things analytics. These guidelines are the north star for the multiple different engineering teams at the organization who work in the analytics space to create dashboards to monitor and track user progress.

Both the components and data visualization documentation created can be used, re-used, and iterated upon by other designers in the organization to continue to build consistent user experiences within D2L's current and future product suite.
As this work is under NDA and currently ongoing, I will not be able to disclose any details publicly. However, you may contact me to learn more 🔐

To summarize, I completed exploratory work for multiple components to understand their limitations in each use case across two platforms, defined component needs, conceptualized designs via multiple different iterations, received user feedback through testing, and crafted a narrative to include a final design spec which would act as the single source of truth for the UI Platform team to develop.